This ongoing cohort study is investigating the epidemiology and risk factors of functional disorders. We are gathering a wide range of variables including laboratory, phenotype, anthropomorphic, psychological and complex -omics data to identify potential risk factors underlying functional disorders. This is the first project of kind in the region and will be conducted in collaboration with highly esteemed research teams.


We have a team of well-suited academic experts with proved knowledge and priori research experience in the required fields of medicine, bioinformatics, psychometrics, medical informatics and statistics. Investigating functional disorders has been the main research line of this team during previous years and its credibility is established by numerous publications on the topic.


We promote and welcome national or international research networking. Data from our cohort study are available for researchers who submit a research proposal to the scientific committee. Our steering committee will evaluate all proposals for future studies and collaborations. If interested, contact us at [admin@isfun.info].